Request for Emergency Processing

Alberta Student Aid handles all student emergency situations for federal or provincial funding. When considering emergencies, the following types of questions will be asked:

  • Can the request be considered? Has the student received the maximum funding already?
  • Has the student’s situation changed since the original application?
  • Is the situation beyond the student’s control?
  • Can the student receive financial assistance from others?
  • Are there other sources of income that can be used to meet the shortfall?

Emergency Situations

Examples of emergency situations include:

  • student has no safe accommodation (e.g., due to a disaster such as a fire or due to fleeing an abusive situation)
  • there is a threat to the student’s health or safety (e.g., no heating source in winter weather)
  • student aid was cancelled in error, or
  • student requires prescriptions and cannot afford to pay for them.

An educational institution asking for an up-front tuition payment is not considered an emergency. The student should negotiate a payment plan with the school.

Emergency requests are acted upon within 3 to 5 business days of receipt of necessary information.