Confirmation of Registration (COR)

Reg.: Schedule 2, s. 8(1)(a)

Before any funding can be issued to a student, Alberta Student Aid must receive confirmation that the student is enrolled full-time for the applicable study period.

Automated Confirmation of Registration

Alberta Student Aid has an automated Confirmation of Registration (COR) processes for participating schools in Canada. Students at COR-participating schools do not need to have their schools sign any paper Confirmation of Registration documents as their schools will confirm registration electronically.

Concurrently enrolled students at COR-participating schools follow the Manual Confirmation of Registration process.

Automated COR schools can begin confirming student registration when a student’s application is processed, but no sooner than 30 calendar days before the student’s first scheduled disbursement. When a school participates in Automated COR, the school may request a portion of a student’s funding be sent directly to the school to pay for tuition and mandatory fees.

Manual Confirmation of Registration

Schools that do not participate in Automated COR use a Manual Confirmation of Registration process. Each student at a Manual COR school receives a Confirmation of Registration worksheet that must be brought to the school for signature. The school must confirm full-time registration and then return the worksheet to Alberta Student Aid.

Manual COR worksheets are sent separately from the Student Award Letter. Students can view and print the Manual COR worksheets by signing onto their account on For students who have chosen to receive their correspondence by mail, the Manual COR worksheets are mailed to the student’s home address:

  • 37 calendar days prior to the first scheduled disbursement date (as stated on the Student Award Letter), for students who are approved for funding well in advance of their study period, or

  • once the student’s application is processed, for students who are approved for funding closer to or after their study period begins.

Manual COR schools are not able to request that student funding be sent directly to the institution to pay for tuition and mandatory fees.