Application Details


Student Financial Assistance Act s. 13 and Reg.: Schedule 2, s. 5

Applicants must provide their date of birth. There are no restrictions on the age of an applicant.

Alberta Student Number (ASN)

Reg.: Schedule 2, s. 5

Each student must list their ASN on their student aid application. The ASN is a unique ID number that can be used from kindergarten through post-secondary studies. The ASN is recorded on Alberta High School Transcripts or can be found online at Learner Registry. Students who have never attended school in Alberta must apply for an ASN at this website.

Applicant Identification

For the purposes of receiving Alberta Student Aid funding, when applying for funding, students must use their legal name which must match with Service Canada and their Social Insurance Number information. This is to protect the integrity of Student Aid processes, and ensures students and Alberta Student Aid remain compliant with existing laws concerning identity, and the disbursement of provincial funding.

This will ensure Student Aid can process student applications, and the student's school will be able to confirm registration when the student's name matches their records.