Keep Your Loans Interest-Free

Your loan is interest-free and you do not have to make any payments while you're in school.

Full-Time Students

When you receive Alberta and Canada student loans for your current school year, any student loans you received previously are automatically interest-free.

If you are not receiving student aid this year, but you have previous student loans and are still a full-time student, notify the Alberta Student Aid Service Centre and the National Student Loans Service Centre. This will keep your loans in interest-free status while you are in school.

If you have both Alberta and Canada student loans, or only Canada student loans, including previously issued Part-Time Canada loans:

If you only have Alberta student loans, complete the Confirmation of Registration (Form B):

Only post-secondary level courses are used to determine full-time status. 

Part-Time Students

To keep your Alberta student loans interest-free complete the Confirmation of Registration (Form B):

Other Situations Eligible for Interest-Free Status

If your student loans were issued before August 1, 2000, contact the bank that holds your student loan for more information.