Supports for Students Affected by Wildfires

Are you affected by the current wildfire situation? Do you need help with your student loan payments?

Currently in School

If your studies have been disrupted as a result of the wildfires, and you have:

  • Extended your study period
  • Withdrawn from studies, or
  • Your financial circumstances have changed.

Notify the Alberta Student Aid Service Centre, or login to your Student Aid Account and submit a Request for Reconsideration. Eligible students may receive up to $7,500 in Alberta Student loan funding to help cover unexpected costs relating to the wildfire. Supporting documentation may be required to verify the costs.

Alberta Student Aid Service Centre

The Service Centre can answer your questions about Alberta Student Aid programs. When you call, you will be asked to choose an option to direct your inquiry. To ensure your call is handled correctly, review the topics covered by each option. 


Option 1: Information on Applying for and Receiving Student Aid

Choose Option 1 if you have questions about:

  • How to apply for funding (loans, grants and Alberta scholarships).
  • Eligibility issues for funding.
  • Application status.
    • You can login to your Alberta Student Aid account to see your application status, payment schedule and your inbox.
    • Student aid for apprentices and pre-employment students.

If you are a current or recent student, login to your Alberta Student Aid account to update your address.

Option 2: Assistance with Login to Your Alberta Student Aid Account

Choose Option 2 if you need help with:

  • Your user name and/or password for your Alberta Student Aid Account.

Option 3: Assistance with Login to MyLoan or Loan Repayment

Choose Option 3 if you need help with:

  • Your username and/or password for your MyLoan online account.
  • Your current loan balance.
  • Updating your banking information.
  • Accessing Repayment Assistance Programs if you are having difficulty repaying your loans.
  • Updating your address if you are in repayment status.
    • If you will be returning to school, you should also update your address in your Alberta Student Aid account:

Option 4: To be Used by School Officials Only

If you are a school official, choose:

  • Option 1: General information about Alberta Student Aid eligibility, the application process or confirmation of registration.

  • Option 2: Specific information about a student’s disbursement, repayment or interest free status.

Hours of Operation & Phone Number

Monday through Friday
7:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. Alberta time (MST)
Dial Toll Free outside of North America
Dial the international access code + 800-2-529-9242
Dial Toll Free in North America
TTY for the Hearing Impaired

Mailing Address

Alberta Student Aid
Box 28000 Station Main
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 4R4

Courier Address (no public access)

Alberta Student Aid
7th Floor, 9940 106 Street
Edmonton, Alberta T5K 2V1

When submitting a form, please follow the instructions given on the form.

Notice: Alberta Student Aid no longer accepts student loan and scholarship applications dropped off in person.

National Student Loans Service Centre (NSLSC)

Contact NSLSC for questions related to Canada Student Loans:

Alberta Apprenticeship & Industry Training (AIT)

For information related to the Alberta Apprenticeship System and designated Trades/Occupations, please visit:

Privacy and Security

Always protect your personal information from identity fraud and theft.

Alberta Student Aid and the organizations associated with your student loans will never make unsolicited contact with you in person by visiting your home or workplace.

Never reveal personal information such as your Social Insurance Number, student loan information and/or banking information to anyone you do not know.

If you are contacted by phone and are unsure of who is calling – you should simply refuse to provide any information and hang up. To verify the authenticity of anyone who contacts you about your student loans, or the loan correspondence you have received, call:

  • Alberta Student Aid Service Centre, 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. (MST/Alberta Time)
  • Toll free in North America: 1-855-606-2096, Option 1

If you think you may have been the target of identity fraud related to your student loans, call the Service Centre at the number above.

Report identity fraud and theft

If you know or suspect you have been the target of identity theft, or if you have unwittingly provided personal, financial or banking information in response to an unsolicited request, you should:

1. Notify your bank/financial institution and/or credit card company immediately.

2. Notify the two national credit bureaus and have a fraud alert placed on your credit reports:

    • Equifax Canada: 1-800-465-7166
    • TransUnion Canada: 1-877-525-3823

3. File a report with your local police.

4. Contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre:

Providing Parent/Guardian Access to Your Information

Providing Parent/Guardian Access to Your Information

Your parent(s)/guardian or a designated individual may want to assist with aspects of your student aid/scholarships and awards. There are many pieces of legislation governing the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information, such as name, address, birth date, and identification data such as student number, Social Insurance Number (SIN), etc.

Alberta Student Aid respects your privacy by keeping in strict confidence all personal information pertaining to your financial aid and awards accounts. Student Aid will disclose your personal information or give someone else the authority to act on your behalf only after you have signed and submitted one of the following forms:

  • Consent to Disclose Personal Information to a Third Party
    Provide your written consent to give Alberta Student Aid permission to share your Personal Information with a designated individual in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (Alberta).

  • Power of Attorney
    Assign power of attorney authorizing someone else to have access to or to act on your behalf in regard to:
    • Your personal information with Alberta Student Aid
    • Matters concerning your student aid including student loans, grants and awards

Access these forms at: