Amended Registration

Amended Registration occurs when full-time registration was previously confirmed but the student is no longer enrolled as full-time because the student:

  • never attended classes
  • dropped to part-time (less than 60% of a full course load, or less than 40% for a student with a documented disability where the reduced course load was approved)
  • withdrew from the program entirely, or
  • completed study requirements prior to the application end date (i.e., early completion).

Students with a break in full-time studies of more than 30 calendar days are considered withdrawn from full-time studies. Students must submit a new application if they return to studies and require additional funding.

The educational institution is expected to notify Alberta Student Aid of amended registration, provide the reason for the amendment and the last day of full-time attendance, if applicable. Once Alberta Student Aid is notified of the change, any undisbursed funding will be cancelled and the student’s application will be reassessed.