Switching Educational Institutions

When a student has already applied for student aid and then decides to change educational institutions, the student:

  • should cancel their application directly from the welcome screen in the Alberta Student Aid System, and
  • must then submit a new full-time application (not a Request for Reconsideration).

Once the original application is cancelled the student may be able to reapply online. (A paper application may be required in some cases.)

If the student previously submitted loan agreements, these do not need to be reissued. Canada MSFAAs and Alberta Student Aid Agreements are not specific to any particular educational institution. The original agreements can still be used.

Switching Programs

If a student changes programs, but is still attending the same educational institution during a funding period, the student may submit a Request for Review to notify Alberta Student Aid of:

  • the change in program of studies, and
  • the date on which the program switch occurred. 

Once Alberta Student Aid is notified of the change, the student’s circumstances can be reconsidered.

If a student switches programs, eligibility for funding may be affected.

If a student needs additional funding as a result of changing programs (e.g., tuition and books costs have increased), the student must request this in the RFR. An educational institution cannot make a request for additional funding on a student’s behalf; however, a supporting letter from the institution listing correct program, dates and educational costs may accompany the RFR when additional funding for educational costs is being requested.


If the program switch involves a change in study dates and additional months of living allowance are required, the student should submit a new Application for Financial Assistance for Full-Time Post-Secondary Studies and indicate the date on which the program switch occurred.