A student will have their loans and grants disbursed when the:

  • student has been approved for loan or grant funding
  • student has completed and submitted the loan agreements (may have been done with a previous application)
  • student’s educational institution has confirmed full-time registration for the study period, and
  • scheduled disbursement date for the loan or grant has arrived.

Alberta Student Aid Service Centre and National Student Loans Service Centre will:

  • send any amount requested in tuition remittance directly to the educational institution, and
  • deposit remaining funds into the student’s bank account, or send a cheque to the student (if the student did not provide banking information).

If a cheque is issued to the student, it must be cashed within 180 calendar days or the service provider may place a stop payment on the cheque. The student will need to contact the relevant service provider to have a cheque reissued.

Replacing Grant Cheques

Students who have not received, or who have lost a grant cheque may request a replacement cheque as described below.

Most grants will be direct-deposited to student accounts or sent to educational institutions to pay for tuition. Students who are still being sent paper grant cheques and who require a replacement should call:

  • the National Student Loans Service Centre at 1-888-815-4514 for replacement of federal grant cheques.

  • the Alberta Student Aid Service Centre at 1-855-606-2096 (choose option 3) for the replacement of provincial grant cheques.

A student may request a replacement cheque if the student has not received or has lost the original cheque, or if the cheque has expired. If the cheque has not been cashed and the student is still eligible for the grant funding, a stop payment will be placed on the original cheque and a replacement cheque will be issued.

If the cheque has been cashed, an investigation is required before a replacement can be issued. If the student believes the cheque was fraudulently endorsed and cashed, a copy of the cashed cheque will be sent to the student along with the Alberta Forgery Statutory Declaration form. To initiate an investigation, the form must be completed by the student and a Notary Public. The original signed form must then be returned to Alberta Student Aid.

Replacing Loan Cheques

Students who have not received, or who have lost a loan cheque must request a replacement cheque from the service provider that issued the cheque, in accordance with the service provider’s procedures.

Undisbursed Funds

Undisbursed loans and grants are cancelled once a student’s study period has ended.

Alberta Student Aid will not issue a loan or grant if the application period for which the loan or grant was awarded has ended.

Students who were unable to meet all payment conditions (e.g. submitting loan agreements, receiving confirmation of registration from their educational institution, or providing requested information) prior to their study period end date, for reasons beyond their control may request reinstatement of their loans or grants and provide an explanation of their circumstances by submitting a request through the Review Process.