Application Deadline

Reg.: Schedule 2, s. 8(1)(b)

A completed application and any documents required to confirm the student’s eligibility must be received by Alberta Student Aid at least 30 calendar days prior to the student’s study period end date. Applications and/or any documents received after this date will not be considered, except in exceptional circumstances.

This applies to the following:

  • original full-time applications for financial assistance (including all appropriate Schedules)
  • Requests for Reconsideration or letters that are provided to report changes to application information or to request additional funding.

Please note, an application is not considered complete until:

  • all requested missing information has been submitted
  • the required Consent and Declaration form is submitted for married/common-law students who applied online.

Students who cannot meet the application deadline for reasons beyond their control may request reconsideration through the Review Process.