Will the information on my application be verified?

All applications are subject to verification. False or misleading information, or failing to provide requested information could lead to financial consequences.

You must let Alberta Student Aid know if your information changes, such as:

  • Financial estimates and total income (line 15000) for you or your spouse/partner.
  • Any new source of income for you or your spouse/partner.
  • Changes in academic or marital status.
  • Any new money you receive, including gifts, inheritances, and personal injury awards.
  • A name or address change.

Remember to keep all documents related to your costs and resources so you can provide them if asked.

Changes to Income

If either parent’s annual income from all sources (work, government, or other) is expected to be lower than the Total Income they reported on line 15000 of their 2022 income tax form, you can enter an expected reduced yearly income on Part B of Schedule 1: Parental Information.