What if I didn't get enough money or my situation changes?

After you have submitted an application, you may find that your situation has changed, or you want to have your application reviewed. If so, submit a Level 1: Request for Reconsideration.

Submit a Level 1: Request for Reconsideration if:

  • Your living and/or education costs have changed. For example:
    • Your rent is higher than expected.
    • You drop a course, and so now your tuition costs are lower.
  • Your income or your spouse’s/partner’s income (line 15000) either increases or decreases.
  • Your academic, family, or personal situation has changed. For example:
    • You change your program of study.
    • You or your spouse/partner have a child.
    • Your marital status changes.
  • You would like to provide other information that may affect your eligibility for student aid.

Loan Limits

There are limits to the amount of student aid you can receive each semester.

If your Student Award Letter indicates you have received the maximum amount of loans, review the loan limits policy.

Request for Review decisions are based on policy and legislation. If you believe your circumstances are unique and warrant special consideration, include an explanation and supporting documentation in your request.

The loan limits policy explains situations that may result in higher loan limits.