The Most Important 5 Minutes of Your Financial Year

If you’re a full-time student with previous Canada or Alberta student loans and you’re not receiving student aid this year, your registration must be confirmed to keep your loans in interest-free status.

You will not have to make payments or accrue interest while you are in school full-time. Five minutes of paperwork is worth it – it will save you money!

Keeping your loans interest free

If you have Canada AND Alberta student loans, sign on to your NSLSC account. You can complete an Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (ECE). It will be sent to your school to confirm. You can also contact your school and ask them to complete ECE for you.

If you only have Alberta student loans, you have to complete the Form B: Confirmation of Full-time Registration. It is available in Applications and Forms.

Part-time Studies and Interest Accrual

Alberta Student Loans

You can keep your Alberta student loans in interest-free status by completing a Confirmation of Registration Alberta-Form B. It is available in Applications and Forms.

Canada Student Loans

Be aware! Your Canada student loans enter non-repayment status if you drop to part-time studies – and you must begin making payments in 6 months.