Living Allowances

There is a basic budget for monthly living allowances used by Alberta Student Aid to assess your application. If your monthly costs are higher than these amounts, tell us about your special circumstances. You may be asked to provide documentation.

You can upload your documentation in your Alberta Student Aid account. Login and choose 'Upload Documents'.

Basic monthly living allowance

Basic Monthly Living Allowances

for 2020-2021


Your household status

Monthly Total (CAD$)

No dependants*

Single and not paying rent** or mortgage


Single and paying rent** or mortgage


Married/Common law


With dependants***

Single: 1 dependant


Single: 2 dependants


Single: 3 dependants


Married/Common Law: 1 dependant


Married/Common Law: 2 dependants


Married/Common Law: 3 dependants


Each additional dependant add


*Separated/Divorced/Widowed with no dependants receive the same monthly living allowance as single student with no dependants.

**or residence fees

***Dependants means those children wo are living with you and for whom you and/or your spouse/partner are legally responsible and also includes individuals who are wholly dependent on you as reported on your tax return.

Child care costs

Monthly childcare costs for children under 12 years of age

  • Allowable childcare cost of up to $724 per month per child without receipts.
  • Actual childcare costs may be considered with receipts up to a maximum of $1,200 per month per child.

Dependants Over 12 Years of Age

Childcare costs can also be considered for dependants over 12 years of age who have a permanent disability when you provide documentation of care required.

Extra or higher costs

We may consider higher or extra costs such as:

  • Basic Utilities:
    Submit copies of recent basic utilities, for example: power, natural gas, water, telephone, sewer and garbage. Cable, satellite and internet are not considered basic utilities.

  • Child Support and/or Alimony Payments:
    In order for child support and/or alimony payments to be considered, students must provide a copy of the Court Order and:
    • proof of payment for the past four months, or
    • a copy of Maintenance Enforcement records showing the child support and/or alimony payments.

If no legal documentation is available, the student can provide proof of payment and signed statements from both parties detailing child support and/or alimony arrangements.

  • Rent or Mortgage:
    Submit a copy of the rent/residence fees or mortgage agreement.

  • Spouse’s/Partner’s Student Loan Payments:
    Submit proof of payment.

  • Travel:
    For students who cannot access public transit, submit proof of kilometres travelled per day and Personal Liability/Property Damage vehicle insurance documents.