Answers to Common Questions

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When Should I Apply?

You can apply at any time prior to or during your study period.

If you are nearing your end of studies, Alberta Student Aid will only process your completed application if it’s received at least 30 days before your period of study end date. It's best to apply in early July for September study.

Keep Your Application Moving…

  • Apply Early!
  • Answer every question or your application can’t be processed.
  • Tell us if you move or if your contact info changes. Login to your secure account to update.

What if I have a break between school terms?

If you have a break of 30 days or more between terms, you must submit a new application for the second term of your studies.

Money for the school year

How do I know how much money I'll need for the upcoming school year?

If you don't have exact answers for any questions, enter an estimate. If this turns out to be incorrect, advise the Alberta Student Aid Service Centre.  

Entering living costs such as rent, food, clothing, etc.

You do not need to enter living costs on your application. Living costs are automatically assessed using standard budgets. See Living Allowances for more information.

Dropping below 60% of a full-time course load during my term

You will be considered part-time and your eligibility for funding in the current semester will be re-assessed. If you received grant funding, you may no longer be eligible and your grants may be converted to loans based on the reassessment.

If you continue your studies in the next semester, you will have to reapply for funding. This may not apply if you are a student with a documented disability who has been approved to study at a reduced course load.

Am I considered an independent or dependent student?

Alberta Student Aid distinguishes between independent and dependent students to help determine your residency and your eligibility for loans and grants.

You are considered an independent student if any of the following apply to you:

  • You are 23 years of age or older.
  • You have been out of high school for more than 4 years.
  • You have been available for full-time work for two or more years since you left high school.
  • You are married or in a common law relationship.
  • You are divorced, separated, or widowed.
  • You are single with dependent children.

If there is a significant breakdown in your relationship with your parents, you may be eligible for Special Independent Status. Find details about our Special Independent Status policy.

Otherwise, you are considered to be a dependent student.

Dependent Students

You must complete Part A of Schedule 1: Parental Information. This information is used to determine if you meet Alberta residency requirements.

To be considered for Canada student loans and grants and the Alberta Student Grant, you must complete Part B of Schedule 1: Parental Information at the time of your original application. This is where you provide information about your parent's income. We use this information to determine your eligibility for student aid.

The Schedule 1: Parental Information is part of the online application.

Your application cannot be reassessed for these grants after your funding has been paid.