What Happens Next

After your application has been received by Student Aid, it can take up to 8 weeks to be assessed.

Once your application is assessed, you will receive a Student Award letter. This will tell you:

  • Whether you are eligible for funding
  • How much you can expect to receive in loans and/or grants.
  • When you can expect to receive the money.

Receiving Your Funds

You will receive your loans and/or grants when these conditions are met:

  1. You complete your loan agreements.
    You only have to complete your loan agreements once - the first time you receive student loans and/or grants.

  2. Your school confirms your registration.
    Student Aid will contact your school to confirm:
    • Your program
    • The dates you are attending

    Most schools will confirm your registration automatically. Your school may request tuition and fees be paid directly to them from your student loan.

    If your school cannot confirm your registration automatically, the confirmation of registration documents will be deposited into your Alberta Student Aid account. After a school official has authorized the document, you must return it to Alberta Student Aid through your secure account using the Upload eDocuments feature. 

  3. You are within 1 week of starting school.
    The earliest student loans will be sent is 1 week prior to your start date.

If you applied online for the first time as a married/ common law student, you will also receive a Consent and Declaration form that must be signed by your spouse/partner.

If you decide to withdraw from studies or drop to part-time studies, your student aid application will be reassessed.

Loan Agreements

If this is the first time you are approved for student aid, you will need to complete a legal agreement between you and your loan provider.

If you are approved for Canada and Alberta student aid, you have to complete 2 agreements: an Alberta Student Aid Agreement and a Canada Master Student Financial Assistance Agreement (MSFAA).

Your agreements can be completed online. For more information, see complete your student aid agreements.