Funding Allocation

Funding types are allocated, up to the maximum amount allowed, in the following order.

When a student is not eligible for a certain type of funding, none of that type is allocated, and Alberta Student Aid will instead allocate the next type of funding on the list that the student may be eligible to receive:

  1. Canada Student Grants (Federal Grants) and the Alberta Grant for Students with Disabilities (GFD) – if eligible, the student will receive the full amount of these grants, even if this exceeds their calculated need.

    The amount of CSG-PDSE and GFD awarded is based on the cost of services and equipment requested and approved for funding on the Schedule 4 (Federal/Provincial Grant for Post-Secondary Students with Permanent Disabilities) form.

  2. Alberta Student Grant for Full-time Students (ASG-FT).

  3. Canada Student Loans (CSL) – to a maximum of the lesser of $210 per week or 60% of a student’s Canada calculated need less any Canada Student Grants provided (excluding CSG-PDSE).

  4. Alberta Student Loans (ASL) – to a maximum of the lesser of a student’s annual loan limit, lifetime loan limit or their Alberta calculated need.