Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why do I have 2 loans?

    When you apply for Alberta Student Aid, you are considered for both Canada and Alberta student loans and grants. About 80 per cent of Alberta students who apply are eligible to receive both Alberta student loans and Canada student loans.

    Although you only have to submit one application, you may have 2 separate loans to manage and repay. Your student award letter will tell you which loan(s) you received and the amount(s).

  2. Where do I get my Alberta Student Loan Number?

    You are assigned an Alberta loan number when you first receive Alberta student loan funding. It is a seven digit number, starting with the number 7, followed by six digits.

    Example: 7-111111

    You can find your Alberta Student Loan Number by searching for the following two emails sent to you from

    1. Subject line: 'Register for your New Alberta Student Aid MyLoan Account'
    2. Subject line: 'Your Funding is Confirmed'

  3. What payment methods are available?

    You can make payments by:
    - Pre-authorized Payment Plan
    - Online or Telephone Banking
    - Personal Cheque, Money Order, or Cashier’s Cheque

    Credit card payments and payments from a bank line of credit are not accepted.

    For instructions on making payments, See Alberta Student Loan.

  4. How do I apply for Repayment Assistance?

    If you have Canada and Alberta student loans, you can apply for the Repayment Assistance Plan (RAP) online, or call:

    Sign in to your NSLSC account

    If you only have an Alberta student loan, you can contact us and have an application mailed out to you:

    Alberta Student Aid Service Centre
    1-855-606-2096 | Option 3

  5. How do I make changes to my payment terms?

    Customize your Payment Terms from the My Account menu.

    - Login to your MyLoan account

  6. What happens to my loans if I declare bankruptcy

    If you declare bankruptcy, you are still expected to repay your student loans. You must continue to make monthly payments until the debt is repaid. However, you may request a court-ordered discharge once five years have passed since you left school.