2 Loans = 2 Payments

80 percent of Alberta students who apply for Alberta Student Aid get both:

  • Alberta student loans
  • Canada student loans

This means the majority of students sign 2 loan agreements and have 2 loan payments to manage.

Your loan agreements are called:

  • Alberta Agreement
  • Canada Master Student Financial Assistance Agreement (MSFAA)

You signed your loan agreements/MSFAAs the first year you applied for student aid. Before you finish school, read your agreements again so you understand your legal obligations and your repayment options.

Knowing the terms of your loan agreement(s) will help you understand:

  • Your loan repayment obligations
  • Your options if you have difficulty making payments
  • How you can customize your payments
  • How you can pay your loan off sooner

You can access your loan agreements in your secure account:

Alberta Agreement

Canada MSFAA

  • Sign in to your NSLSC account
  • Loan Agreements prior to April 3, 2018 are available in your Alberta Student Aid account.