Schedule 4 (Federal/Provincial Grant for Post-Secondary Students with Permanent Disabilities) Form

To be eligible for permanent disability grants, a student must submit a Schedule 4 form as part of their student aid application.

The Schedule 4 should be reviewed and signed by an authorized official. Students with permanent disabilities who are attending any public post-secondary institution in Alberta must meet with a Disability Advisor or Disability Counsellor at their school to have their Schedule 4 reviewed and signed.

Students with permanent disabilities who are attending a private career college (licensed under the Private Vocational Training Act) or an educational institution outside of Alberta should work with Disability Supports, an Advisor, or School Official at their school to submit an application, Schedule 4 and documentation of their disability.

The Schedule 4 will then be reviewed and authorized by a Disability Specialist at Alberta Student Aid.

See the Application Deadline section for more information on Schedule 4 deadlines.