Schedule 4 2022-23 Form (Federal/Provincial Grant for Post-Secondary Students with Disabilities)

To be eligible for disability grants, a student must submit a Schedule 4 form as part of their student aid application. The Schedule 4 should be reviewed and signed by an authorized official. Students with disabilities who are attending any public post-secondary institution in Alberta must meet with an Accessibility Advisor or Accessiblity Counsellor at their school to have their Schedule 4 reviewed and signed.

Students with disabilities who are attending a private career college (licensed under the Alberta Private Vocational Training Act) or an educational institution outside of Alberta should work with Accessibility/Disability Supports, an Advisor, or School Official at their school to submit an application, Schedule 4 and documentation of their disability – such as the Disability Verification form.

The Schedule 4 will then be reviewed and authorized by Alberta Student Aid.

See the Application Deadline section for more information on Schedule 4 deadlines.