If you are required to submit documentation with your application, choose Upload Documents when you login to your Alberta Student Aid account. This allows you to submit documents directly and securely to Alberta Student Aid.

Instructions for uploading fillable forms:

Fillable PDF forms require Adobe Reader, and are most compatible with Internet Explorer 9.0 and above.

If you are using a different web browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox), you must follow these steps to upload your form:

  1. Choose the ‘Save As’ or ‘Download’ option to save the PDF form to your computer.
  2. Use Adobe Reader to re-open and fill in the form.
  3. Check to ensure all forms fields are saved before you begin uploading your form.

You can download or upgrade your version of Adobe Reader at no charge at:

Upload Documents FAQs

1.  Who can use this service?

Students must login to their secure accounts to upload documents. Third parties such as financial advisors working at your school cannot upload documents on your behalf.

2. How do I use this service?

Students must have a secure account in the Alberta Student Aid system.

  • Login to your personal account from your computer or personal device.
  • Select Upload Documents on the main menu.
  • Proceed through the steps to upload scanned documents you have saved to your computer. 
    Tip! Be sure to remove any password protection on your documents before you hit submit.  
  • The Upload Documents feature allows you to see your submissions and provides a status update for your documents. 

If you applied using a paper application, you will NOT have access to Upload Documents.

All students must have a verified Alberta.ca Account in order to access the Alberta Student Aid system. To create a basic account, you need a valid Alberta driver's licence or Alberta ID card. For more information on creating an account, see:

3.  Can I use fax or email instead of Upload Documents to submit electronic documents?

Creating a verified Alberta.ca Account to access the Alberta Student Aid system is required. Once your account is verified, this is the most secure way of submitting documents to Alberta Student Aid.  

Fax and email are not secure methods for sending confidential information.

Document Requirements

File formats and size 

  • Accepted file formats are: PDF, JPG (JPEG), GIF and PNG
  • Maximum file size is 4MB
  • Do not submit any password protected formats. We are able to process protected files.

Reduce the file size if it’s larger than 4MB

  • Choose a lower resolution (DPI) for your scanned image
  • Scan colour documents to black/white or grayscale
  • Convert your file to PDF to reduce file size 

Number of documents

You must select a reason for your eDocument submission. After giving your reason, you can upload up to 10 documents/files per reason.

If you are using Windows with Safari as your browser, you can only upload one document at a time.  

Comments Section for Additional Information 

Use the comments section to provide a short description of the document and the reason for submission. Adding a comment is optional, but the extra information can assist in processing your items. Do not use the comments section to ask a question, or submit comments without attaching a document.

Documents that cannot be uploaded

  • Copies of electronic cheques or money orders from the bank.
  • Notification of changes to bank information. You should login to your MyLoan account to update your bank information.
  • Password protected and encrypted documents.
  • Personal photographs of self, family, or medical conditions.
  • Confirmation of Registration (Form B). Please follow instructions given on the form.

To submit a statutory declaration for a replacement grant cheque, follow the instructions on the form.