COVID-19 Information for Schools

This is an evolving situation and Alberta Student Aid continues to update school staff and this webpage as required. 

Alberta Advanced Education is taking COVID-19 seriously and is working with post-secondary institutions and other areas of government to support student loan borrowers that may be impacted. We are also working with the Canada Student Financial Assistance Program to ensure a coordinated response and we will provide updates as they become available.

We continue to support Alberta student loan borrowers through flexible repayment terms, the Repayment Assistance Plan, and a six-month grace period on interest payments when students leave post-secondary studies.

Borrowers having difficulty repaying their Alberta student loans are encouraged to browse the Repayment Assistance Plan information and contact the Alberta Student Aid Service Centre to explore the repayment options and supports available.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Alberta Student Aid asks students to use online services to apply for and to manage their Alberta student loan. This will help us process applications in a timely manner.

This information outlines how school officials should implement Alberta Student Aid policy in the event students’ studies are interrupted due to COVID-19, either directly because a student is ill or quarantined, or indirectly because an institution has suspended operations or particular course requirements such as a practicum.

In general, school staff should refer to Student Aid Operational Policy & Procedure Manual. Students who incur additional expenses due to COVID-19 can login to their Alberta Student Aid account to submit a Request for Review and upload any supporting documentation. Alberta Student Aid will consider the requests on a case-by-case basis. Students should also be encouraged to explore additional supports offered to Albertans in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. For more information visit:

Please see the following Questions and Answers for more information.

COVID-19 Questions and Answers:

Do students need to inform Alberta Student Aid if they receive the benefits from Canada's Response to the COVID-19 Infection?

No, Student Aid does not use benefits received from the federal COVID-19 support programs as a resource. Students do not need to include it on their applications. If a student has included these benefits on an application, they can login to their Alberta Student Aid account and submit a Request for Review.

What if a school temporarily suspends operations as a result of COVID-19?

Alberta Student Aid is working hard to ensure that no student is negatively impacted if their school suspends operations as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

An interruption in study of 30 calendar days or less will have no impact on student eligibility for financial assistance or disbursement of funding, if students recommence classes by the end of this timeframe. No withdrawal/unsuccessful completion reporting to Alberta Student Aid is required.

If a school extends a study period past the original end date by 30 calendar days or less in response to the interruption, students who require additional funding can login to their Alberta Student Aid account and submit a Request for Review and upload any supporting documentation.

If the date extension does not result in additional funding, or the student does not require additional funding for the extension, students who have Canada and Alberta student loans can update their study period in their National Student Loans Service Centre Online Services account.

Important Notice: School staff should ensure the appropriate study dates are entered in PAPRS. If the dates of the new study period will be unique to one student, remember to hide the dates in PAPRS so other students cannot see and inadvertently select them when they apply.

Students who only have an Alberta student loan may submit a Form B - Confirmation of Registration Reinstatement of Interest Free Status or can upload through their Alberta Student Aid account using the Upload eDocuments feature.

What if a school cancels the term/semester due to COVID-19?

Schools are to inform Alberta Student Aid by sending an email to containing a list of affected Student Aid funded students and indicate the term/semester cancellation due to COVID-19. 

What if a student is ill or has been quarantined with COVID-19 and cannot attend classes?

As with other illnesses, students are encouraged to work with their schools to find alternate ways of completing their study period.

If a student is unable to successfully complete their study period, the student should be reported as withdrawn. This withdrawal may impact the student in terms of eligibility for future funding under Alberta Student Aid’s History of Withdrawal Policy. Please advise students experiencing exceptional circumstances due to COVID-19 to login to their Alberta Student Aid account and submit a Request for Review along with uploading any supporting documentation. 

Should school staff be completing Confirmation of Registration for upcoming study periods?

Only confirm registration for new sessions when you are confident those sessions will be proceeding as planned.

How should Disability Advisors submit Schedule 4: Federal/Provincial Grant for Post-Secondary Students with Disabilities Forms?  

If a student is not able to upload their Schedule 4 form and supporting documentation, please do not send it by mail. Alberta Student Aid will accept emailed Schedule 4 forms at this time. Alberta Student Aid has emailed instructions to Disability Advisors. 

Schedule 4 forms will continue to be processed in the date order received. Submission of Schedule 4 forms through email will not move them ahead of those that are already pending review with Alberta Student Aid. We are continuing to review schedules already received. If you know that a Schedule 4 form has been received by Alberta Student Aid, please do not submit a duplicate through email. This will only create further delays in processing the form.

If students shift to taking programs/training using distance or online delivery for the rest of the term, does this impact their funding?

No. Students will continue to be eligible for funding in post-secondary programs which are currently designated for student aid funding. 

Who should I contact if I have additional questions?

Post-secondary school staff can call the Alberta Student Aid Service Centre at 1-855-606-2096, option #4 and then #1 with questions on behalf of a student's application or assessment for funding.