These are the tax forms student aid borrowers are most likely to encounter.


While you’re a student, you’ll receive special tax forms reflecting your income and expenses. Some forms are mailed to you, but most are available online through your Student Aid account, NSLSC Online Services, and/or MyLoan.

If you need help with your taxes, contact the Canada Revenue Agency.


A T4A is a statement of income for grants, scholarships and awards related to your education. You’ll receive a T4A if you got $500 or more from a combination of these sources the previous tax year.

For example, if it’s 2024, your T4A reflects the period of January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2023.

You may receive separate T4As from Alberta and Canada, depending on where your funding comes from.

Where to get T4As

  • T4A for Alberta grants or awards: your Student Aid account
  • If your email address is not verified with Alberta Student Aid, your T4A will be mailed to you
  • T4A for Alberta scholarships you applied for on a paper application will be mailed to you
  • T4A for Canada Student Grants: NSLSC Online Services

You can view your T4A in your account, or it will be mailed to you by February 28 according to Canada Revenue Agency guidelines.


A T2202A is an income tax receipt issued by schools if you paid tuition fees that are eligible to claim on your income tax return.

Where to get T2202As

  • T2202As are issued by your school. Most schools will provide it through your online account.

Learn more about educational expenses you can claim on your income tax return.

Tax receipts

Tax receipts are issued to students who paid interest on a student loan. The good news is that you may be able to get a tax credit by claiming the interest you paid on student loans.

Where to get tax receipts

  • Tax receipt for interest paid on your Alberta student loan: MyLoan
  • Tax receipt for interest paid on your Canada student loan: NSLSC Online Services

Learn more about how to claim interest on your income tax return.

Annual statements

Your annual statement is a summary of all the money you received and payments you made the previous tax year. There are separate statements for Alberta and Canada loans.

These forms are for your records. No action is required.

Where to get annual statements