Request for Review

Notify Alberta Student Aid if:

  • There is a change to any of your application information, or 
  • You want to request additional funding.

You must report changes to your application information, even if you don’t think your eligibility will be impacted.

Before you submit a Request for Review:

1. Be prepared to explain your current situation. Review the Student Aid Policy Manual to ensure your situation either meets
    the policy requirements, or warrants further consideration:

2. Collect all required documentation to support your request.

Documentation submitted after you have submitted the Request for Review may result in delays in reviewing your request.

Loan Limits

If your Student Award Letter indicates you have received the maximum amount of loans, review the loan limits policy here:

Request for Review decisions are based on policy and legislation. If you believe your circumstances are unique and warrant special consideration, include an explanation and supporting documentation in your request. The loan limits policy explains situations that may result in higher loan limits.

Submitting a request does not guarantee additional funding will be approved.

Student Aid cannot cover:

  • credit card payments
  • car loan payments
  • utility bill payments past-due
  • income tax payments
  • funding to cover tickets for fines or offences
  • life insurance
  • extracurricular activities for dependants
  • veterinary costs (unless for an assistive pet)
  • payment of back interest on a defaulted student loan
  • overpayments from other government departments/agencies
  • fees for non-related school clubs and associations
  • fertility drugs or treatments
  • skin lightening treatments
  • tanning
  • bail costs
  • child support arrears
  • exams or fees that are not listed in the school calendar (e.g., LSAT, GMAT, CaRMS)
  • replacement of lost or stolen cash
  • moving expenses/hookup fees if student is moving within the same community
    • Exception: Moving costs may be considered for emergency relocations (e.g., fire, escaping an abusive situation).

Review Process

There are 3 levels in the Alberta Student Aid review process:

Level 1: Request for Reconsideration

Most requests are resolved at this level. Your Level 1: Request for Reconsideration must be received by Alberta Student Aid at least 30 days prior to the period of study end date on your current application.

Level 2: Executive Review

If your Level 1: Request for Reconsideration has been completed and you are not satisfied with the result, you can submit a Level 2: Request for Executive Review. Your Request for Executive Review must be received by Alberta Student Aid within 60 days from the date the student received the Request for Reconsideration (Level 1) decision. 

Level 3: Ministerial Review

Your Level 3: Request for Ministerial Review must be received by Alberta Student Aid within 90 days from the date the student received the Executive Review decision. This is the final level of review.

Note: Alberta Student Aid allows for 14 days of mailing time. All deadlines will begin 14 days after the mailing date.

Request for Review Online

Making changes to your application is easy. Login to your secure Alberta Student Aid account, choose the application you want to change and select 'Request for Review'.

You will be asked to select a reason for submitting your request. As you complete the online form, the system will tell you if you need to submit additional documentation to support your request.