Loan Agreements

The first time you are approved for funding, you need to complete your loan agreement. Your loan agreement is called a Master Student Financial Assistance Agreement (MSFAA).

A Master Student Financial Assistance Agreement (MSFAA) is a one-time legal agreement between you and your loan provider. The agreement covers the entire time you are a full-time student.

There are separate loan agreements for Alberta student loans and Canada student loans. If you are approved for both Alberta and Canada loans, you will have to sign two loan agreements.

You will receive a loan agreement in the following situations:

    • The first time you apply for full-time post-secondary funding,
    • If you have had previous funding and return to school after a break of 2 years or more, or
    • You have had previous funding from another province.

Once your application is approved, login to your account and follow the instructions on how to complete your loan agreements. You cannot receive your money until your agreements are complete.

Before you sign, read the loan agreements carefully to understand the terms and conditions of your student loan, including:

    • How you will use the money
    • Your repayment obligations
    • How your monthly payments will be calculated

Instructions for Completing Loan Agreements

 Submit Your Loan Agreements to Canada Post

Correcting Information on a Loan Agreement 

If your name, date of birth, or Social Insurance Number, are incorrect on your loan agreement, you need to contact the Alberta Student Aid Service Centre to determine how to correct your information and request new loan agreements.

Exception: You do not need a new loan agreement if the name on the loan agreement is not your legal name, but is a common abbreviation (for example: Bob instead of Robert), or, missing the middle name or initial.

If your address or phone number is incorrect, you can correct the loan agreement yourself:

  1. cross out the old address or phone number, 
  2. write in the new address or phone number,
  3. write your initials next to the changes, and
  4. login to your Student Aid account to correct update your address or phone number.