Getting Your Money

For students whose studies start prior to August 1st, 2013 use the these instructions.

Arrows orange If you've been approved for student aid, congratulations!

The next step is to get your money, here's how that happens:

You complete your Master Student Financial Assistance Agreements

You will receive a Notice of Assessment and your Master Student Financial Assistance Agreements (MSFAA) for both your Alberta and Canada student loans in the mail. The MSFAAs are one-time legal agreements that will cover you for the entire time you are a full-time student.

Once you receive your Alberta MSFAA and Canada MSFAA, you’ll need to do a few things to receive your funds:

  • provide your banking information so we can deposit your funds into your bank account
  • sign and date your MSFAAs

You will also receive some important instructions on how to Complete your Master Student Financial Assistance Agreements along with your agreements. It is important for you to read and follow the instructions so you can get your funding.

You return your completed MSFAAs

After your MSFAAs are signed, you’ll need to submit them in person at a designated Canada Post outlet. Designated Canada Post outlets are located across Canada to confirm your identity and forward your MSFAAs to the Student Aid Alberta Service Centre and/or the National Student Loans Service Centre.

Remember to bring one piece of government issued ID and proof of your SIN.  Follow the instructions on how to complete your MSFAAs so we can get your money to you without delay.

If you are not near a designated Canada Post outlet, mail your forms and double-sided photocopies of your government issued ID and proof of your SIN directly to the Student Aid Alberta Service Centre at:

Student Aid Alberta Service Centre
PO Box 4050, Mississauga STN A
Mississauga, ON  L5A 4M9

Are you a dependent, married or common law student?

You may receive a Consent and Declaration form along with your Notice of Assessment and MSFAA agreements.

  • If you are a dependent student and provided your parent's information on the online application, your parents will need to sign the Consent and Declaration form.
  • If you are married and applied online, your spouse will be asked to sign the Consent and Declaration form.

Read the instructions carefully, then complete and return the form as soon as possible to:

Student Aid Alberta
PO Box 28000, Stn Main
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 4R4

Follow the steps to submit your Consent and Declaration form right away so you can receive your funds.

Your post-secondary institution confirms your enrollment

We will ask your post-secondary institution to confirm that you are enrolled in the program you indicated on your application. Your school may request that your tuition/fees be paid directly to them. Most students will have their registration automatically confirmed by their post-secondary institution.

If you receive Confirmation of Registration Documents in the mail, you’ll need to take these documents to your school to confirm your registration. You will need to pay your tuition fees directly to your institution. 

Once your documents have been received and your school confirms you are registered as a full-time student, you can expect your funds to be deposited into your bank account on or after the first day of classes.

Getting your grant

If you are a full-time student and receiving a Canada or Alberta grant, a cheque will be mailed to you about six days before the date shown on your Notice of Assessment.

Part-time students can pick up their cheques at their post-secondary institution.

You must cash your grants before the end of your academic year. If you don’t use the funds, withdraw from study or change your enrollment, please return the cheque(s) including a detailed explanation as to why this money is no longer required, to:

Student Aid Alberta
PO Box 28000 Stn Main
Edmonton, AB T5J 4R4

Are you a part-time student?

You may receive a paper loan certificate along with a Cashing Your Part-time Student Loan instruction sheet in the mail. You'll need to follow these instructions to receive your money.

Stay connected!

How is your tuition paid?

Your post-secondary institution may request your tuition fees be paid directly to them from your loan amount, so the total amount you receive may look different than the amount you've been awarded. Check with your institution before paying your tuition fees, as they may have been already paid by your student loan.

Your funding amount is calculated to help you meet the basic costs of learning and living, so it's important for you to tell us about any major changes to your life - such as getting married, moving, getting a new job, or changing your education program.

Please also notify us if any of your contact information (including your name, address, phone, and email) changes, so we can continue to send you updates about your loans, including your annual tax receipts.