T4As, Annual Statements & Tax Receipts

It's tax season! Make sure you have everything you need to file your taxes.

Quick Guide to Student Aid Tax Slips


Revenue Canada | Understand Your T4A
Description  Where to Find It

A statement of income for grants, scholarships*, and awards related to your education costs.

You will receive a T4A if the total amount you received in grants + scholarships + awards exceeds $500.

T4A for Alberta grants:
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*T4As for Alberta scholarships that you applied for on a paper application will be mailed to you.

T4A for Canada Student Grants:
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Tax Receipt

Revenue Canada | Interest Paid on Your Student Loans
Description  Where to Find It

Tax receipt for interest paid on a student loan.

Issued if you paid interest.

You may be eligible to claim an amount for interest paid on your student loan when you file your income tax return.

Tax receipt for interest paid on your Alberta student loan:
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Tax receipt for interest paid on your Canada student loan:
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Revenue Canada | Tuition, Education & Textbooks
Description  Where to Find It

An income tax receipt issued by schools for eligible tuition fees.

Issued if you paid tuition fees that are eligible for you to claim on your income tax return.

Issued by your school. Most schools will provide your T2202A through your online account.

Annual Statement

Description  Where to Find It

A summary of all disbursements and transactions from the previous tax year.

Your Annual Statement helps you track the money you have received and any payments you have made.

For your records. No action is required on your part.

Annual Statement for your Alberta student loan:
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Annual statement for your Canada student loan:
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Detailed Descriptions of Tax Forms Related to Student Aid

T4As from Alberta Student Aid

If you received grant funding of more than $500 in 2019, you will be issued a T4A. Grant funding includes:

  • Alberta Grants
  • Alexander Rutherford Scholarships
  • Apprenticeship Training Awards
  • First Period Apprentice Awards
  • Other Alberta Scholarships (sent by mail)

To get your T4A, login to your Student Aid account and check your inbox. If you received an award through MyTradesecrets, you already have an account. Use the same Username and Password to access your Student Aid account.

You will receive your T4A in the mail when:

  • You received an Alberta scholarship that is not available online.
  • You do not have a verified email address on your Student Aid account.

Tax Receipts

Tax receipts are issued to students who paid interest on their Alberta student loans in 2019. The good news is you may be able to take advantage of a tax credit by claiming the interest you paid.   

Your tax receipt for interest paid on your Alberta student loan is available in your MyLoan account:

Tax Information for Canada Student Loans

T4As, Annual Statements, and tax receipts for interest paid related to Canada student loans are available at:

Income Tax Returns

For questions on your income tax return, contact the Canada Revenue Agency:

FAQ - Student Aid T4As

1.  What amounts are included on a T4A?

     All grant and scholarship funding issued between January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2019.

2.  Why is my January 1, 2020 grant funding included on my 2019 T4A?

     Disbursements scheduled for January 1, 2020 that were issued in the month of December 2019 must be included
     on the 2019 tax form.

3.  What happens if I return a grant cheque issued in 2019, but it isn't cancelled until after 2019 T4As are produced?

     Since the amount of the cancelled grant cheque was included on the 2019 T4A, an amended T4A tax slip can be sent.
     Call the Alberta Student Aid Service Centre and request an amended T4A:

4.  What is a ‘Refund for a Previous Year Taxation Letter’?

     This letter is sent if you made a repayment in 2019 of grant funding issued in a previous year (and included on
     a previous tax form).

5.  Can Student Aid provide information directly to a tax preparer for specific students?

     No. Tax information is confidential and must be provided to the student. The student can then forward this information
     to their tax preparer.

Annual Statements

All students who received funding from Alberta Student Aid in 2019 will receive an annual statement. It is a summary of all Alberta Student Aid disbursements and transactions from 2019. The information is for your records - no action is required on your part.

Your Alberta student loan Annual Statement is available in your MyLoan account: