Established through contributions from northern businesses and communities. Businesses interested in becoming sponsors should contact Northern Alberta Development Council.


$3,000 for one year of study

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must be residents of Alberta and planning to enroll full-time in post-secondary programs. In addition, each applicant must demonstrate financial need and be willing to live and work in northern Alberta after completion of the program. For each year of bursary funding, a student must live and work for one year in northern Alberta. Students have up to six months after graduation to find a job related to their fields of study.

Please note the solid black line on the map of Northern Alberta (north of Edmonton) is where the boundary starts. See map below:

Application Process

Application forms and information about this bursary are available at: 

Selection Process

Recipients are selected by prospective employers with assistance from Northern Alberta Development Council. The length of time a student is required to work in northern Alberta is based on the size of the bursary.