Graduate Citizenship Award Terms of Reference

Fifty (50) Alberta Graduate Citizenship Awards are allocated to these four Alberta universities as follows:

Athabasca University 5
University of Alberta 20
University of Calgary 20
University of Lethbridge 5

 To learn more about how to apply, the evaluation process and contact information, see below:

How to Apply

Students must contact their schools for the application deadline dates:

Submit your completed paper application along with the following supporting documents to the Graduate Students’ Association/Society (GSA/GSS) office at your institution. Your Graduate Student Association may have a separate application deadline. Please contact the GSA at your instution to confirm any separate application deadlines/office hours for accepting applications. Late applications will not be accepted.

Include the following supporting documents (in the order listed below) to the GSA Office by the deadline:

  1. Application Form
    Must be completed, signed and dated.

  2. Curriculum Vitae (CV)
    The CV should focus on the applicant’s service and community engagement activities and should include brief descriptions of the responsibilities associated with each activity as well as time committed. Although all service and volunteer experience will be considered, more recent contributions should be emphasized. The CV must be formatted in reverse chronological order.

  3. Proof of Canadian Citizenship, Permanent Resident or International Student Status
    Applicants must provide proof they are a Canadian Citizen or hold permanent resident status. A photocopy of a birth certificate, a passport photo page, a permanent resident card or government letter confirming immigrant status is sufficient proof. International students must provide a copy of their student visa.

  4. Proof of Alberta Residency
    Applicants must provide proof that they are residing in Alberta at the application deadline. A photocopy of proof of an Alberta address (government issued ID, a third party lease agreement, a letter from an Alberta based employer, a utility bill etc.) is sufficient.

  5. Two (2) Letters of Support
    Letters of support should speak to the students’ service and community engagement efforts.

  6. Confirmation of Enrolment

Evaluation Process

Applications meeting eligibility criteria are assessed by selection members designated by the Graduate Students Association at the applicant’s university. Successful applications are forwarded by the selection members to Alberta Student Aid.

The selection members assess applications based on the following criteria:

  1. Strong record of student service and community engagement; demonstrated through active involvement in non-profit organizations at any level, which can include but are not limited to:

    • student government and/or societies;
    • clubs or organizations;
    • community charitable and non-profit organizations.

  2. Supportive letters of recommendation. The emphasis of these letters should be on the service and volunteer contributions of the applicant, rather than on academic or professional achievements.

Evaluation Regulations

The Government of Alberta Graduate Citizenship Award is administered by selection members convened by the GSA at each Alberta University. Selection members must disqualify themselves from deliberations on applications where there is a conflict of interest. This includes applications from colleagues who are in the same academic department (or equivalent unit) as of the selection member.

Any additional regulations established by the GSA at each Alberta University regarding award selection member conduct and keeping of records also apply.

    • GSAs must submit successful applications to Alberta Student Aid by November 15.

The payment of awards is administered by Alberta Student Aid. 

The Alberta Graduate Citizenship Award is administered in accordance with Alberta Heritage Scholarship Regulation.


For more information on the application and evaluation process, contact:

Athabasca University

University of Alberta

University of Calgary

University of Lethbridge