High School Transcript Marks

In Alberta

  • Only marks recorded on an official Alberta Transcript of High School Achievement are accepted. 
  • You are not required to submit a transcript. Student Aid will receive your official marks from Alberta Education.

Border Communities

Students attending the following high schools do not have access to Alberta Diploma marks. These students should refer to out-of-province below.

  • Holy Rosary High School
  • Lloydminster Comprehensive High School

Upgrading Courses

  • Upgrading high school credit courses that appear on an official Alberta High School Transcript of Achievement are accepted. General Education Development (GED) exam marks are not eligible.

  • You will want to complete any upgrading high school credit courses you are taking - because you can only apply once - and you will want to submit your highest marks.


Eligible students who complete high school outside of Alberta must submit an official transcript of their high school marks for that province.

For more information on how to request high school transcripts from another province, visit:

You can submit your official transcript using the Upload Electronic Document option in your personal account.

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Alberta Student Aid will review the courses/marks to determine whether Alberta Education curriculum equivalencies and the Rutherford scholarship requirements are met.

Submit a Mark Change

In the event of a mark change, send a letter indicating the appeal with your grade, mark change and course to Alberta Student Aid.