Alberta Scholarships

Scholarships and awards in this listing are offered by the Government of Alberta and administered by Alberta Student Aid.

Serving Communities Internship Program (SCiP)

Serving Communities Internship Program (SCiP) brings Alberta non-profit organizations and students attending an Alberta publicly funded post-secondary institution together to make a difference in their communities.


  • One award at $1,000 each, per student, is available each program year.
  • Up to 1,000 awards may be available per program year.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Open to Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents living in Alberta.
  • Applicants must be attending an Alberta publicly funding post-secondary institution.

Application Process:

At the end of the internship, students apply to Volunteer Alberta to receive the award payment from the Government of Alberta. All applicants are screened by Volunteer Alberta for eligibility prior to payment:

There is no application deadline.

Selection Process:

Students must contact Volunteer Alberta to register for an internship with an approved organization in Alberta. Applicants must successfully complete the internship and apply for the award.

Many other scholarships and awards are offered by other organizations – and we encourage you to visit Alberta’s university and college websites to research the scholarships that they offer. For a listing of Alberta’s public post-secondary institutions, visit: