SFS-COR for Schools

Submit a SFS-COR Access Form to update your profile information:

The SFS/COR systems allow:

  • New schools/designated users to access student funding information, and
  • Existing users to update their profile information.

New Schools/Designated Users

New schools must first sign an Alberta Student Aid: Access to Learner Information Agreement (ALIA) before obtaining access to the following systems available through the Alberta Education Extranet:

  1. Students Finance System (SFS)

    SFS is the system to issue Alberta Student Aid funding to students. You can view students' application/funding details including statuses and correspondence. It also allows you to confirm payments being issued to students attending your school. 

    SFS Inquiry allows you to review your students' accounts in order to assist them in understanding:

      • how funding was calculated
      • correspondence sent to students
      • past student loan payments
  2. Confirmation of Registration (COR)

    COR is the online confirmation system for student registration. Student funding cannot be released until Alberta Student Aid receives confirmation of student registration from the school.

    COR allows you to:

      • confirm full-time registration and verify programs/study periods of students attending your school
      • request tuition funding awarded to students be paid to the school
      • report changes to registrations i.e. when students no longer attend the school

    Once the school confirms student registration, Alberta Student Aid will release the funding.

Getting Access to SFS and COR

Access to SFS and COR is only available through the Alberta Education Extranet, a secure website maintained by Alberta Education. New schools/designated users must complete the following steps: 

Step 1 - Open an Alberta Education Extranet Account

First navigate to the SFS Login for Schools website.

To complete a Sign Up Request, you must verify your email address:  

  1. Enter your business email.
  2. Select, I'm new, sign me up, and follow the instructions.
  3. A verification email will be sent to your inbox.
  4. Click on the link in the verification email to confirm your secure business email, and follow the instructions to set up a User Name/Password for your Alberta Education Account.

Step 2 - Create an Organizational Profile & Link to Your School

You must now create a Organizational Profile for your school. As part of this step, you and your manager (the signing authority at your school) must also complete and submit an Organization User Access Agreement.


  1. After signing into your Alberta Education Account, select, Organizational Profile Request.

  2. In the Type of User field, select, External Organization & Others radio button.
  3. Enter your personal information and information about the Approval Officer/Designated Authority at your school. 
  4. In the Organization field box, type the first few letters of your school name in order to pull up your school from the drop-down menu.
  5. As you proceed through the next steps, an Alberta Education Extranet: Organization User Access Agreement will open on the screen. Print off this User Access Agreement (two-pages in length). 
  6. The Approval Officer/Designated Representative at your school must sign this access agreement. 

Fax the completed form to the Client Services Help Desk at:

  • 780 427-1179

Client Services will review your organization's user access request and contact you with your new profile information.

Step 3 - Submit a Students Finance System Access Form

To complete your access request to the SFS and COR systems, your school must complete and submit a SFS-COR Access Form.

The Approval Officer or a designate at your school (i.e. person who originally signed the ALIA Agreement) must sign this form. Ensure you confirm your school's signing authority before completing this form:

Submit a competed Students Finance System Access Form to Alberta Student Aid:

If you need help with this, email: 

Staff Employed at Multiple Campuses:

You must create a separate profile and submit a new Students Finance System Access Form for each campus location where you provide financial assistance to students.

Once Alberta Student Aid approves access for each designated staff member listed on the SFS-COR Access form, designated staff member(s) will receive an email informing them of having been given access to SFS inquiry and COR (Confirmation of Registration) functions.