Alberta Student Aid System

The Alberta Student Aid system is used to issue Alberta Student Aid funding to students. You can view students' application/funding details including statuses and correspondence. It also allows you to confirm payments being issued to students attending your school. 

Access to the Student Aid system is optional. To gain access your school must:

  • be located in Canada,
  • be designated by Alberta Student Aid, and
  • sign an Access to Learner Information Agreement (ALIA), a legal agreement with Alberta Student Aid, regarding the use and protection of student information.

If you do not have access to the Alberta Student Aid System, you must complete an Access to Learner Information Agreement (ALIA).

Features of the Alberta Student Aid System 

Allows you to review your students' accounts to assist them in understanding:

  • how their eligibility was calculated,
  • correspondence sent to them,
  • their application status. 

Confirmation of Registration (COR)
The online confirmation system for student registration. Funding will not be sent until Alberta Student Aid receives confirmation of student registration from the school.

Confirmation of Registration allows you to:

  • confirm full-time registration and verify programs/study periods of students attending your school
  • request tuition remittance directly to the school
  • report changes to registrations (i.e. withdrawals, drop to part-time status)