Use Loyalty Program points to make payments on your Alberta student loans! 

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Students and graduates can convert loyalty points through HigherEdPoints in $250 increments to make tuition payments or to pay back student loans. Parents, relatives and friends can also use their loyalty program points to help students pay back their loans.

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"HigherEdPoints assisted me in using my corporate credit card loyalty points to pay off my student loans faster. The website was easy to navigate and the process was quick and painless, leaving me with more disposal income to put towards other purchases or to put away in savings."

- Chelsey, Graduate of NAIT and Athabasca University 

"I found out about HEP through an email from Alberta Student Loans. I thought it was a brilliant idea - and a big thank you, HigherEDPoints, for putting together such a great concept!

I don't have the time to work another part-time job to help pay off my loans faster since I am quite busy with my current employment and I volunteer for a youth organization. But I travel frequently for my work and I manage the youth program for about 50 youths and 10 staff and I cover all the expenses upfront. With all of this, I average around 150,000 Aeroplan points yearly! I've been donating them, but now your program will make a huge impact on paying off my student loans!"

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- Charles, Post-Secondary Graduate, Alberta

"I actually came across HEP while doing my funding research. I sent a general email in to see how it all worked and I heard back right away. We had a call to talk about the program and how it could work for me.

When you try to find grants for school it can be a bit soul-crushing, so when they called me it was such a huge help and comfort. I love what HigherEdPoints is doing and wanted to share it with my network so other students can use too, I feel like it would be a disservice not to share it!"

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- Lindsay, Mature Student, Alberta