FAQ - Loans for Pre-Employment

Frequently Asked Questions about Loans for Pre-Employment

How to Apply

1. Can I apply for Alberta Student Aid if I am taking a pre-employment program?

Students in approved pre-employment programs are now eligible to receive full time Alberta Student Aid at certain institutions where the Minister has approved the program. 

2. When can I apply?

You should apply as soon as you have registered for a pre-employment program. 

3. When is the application deadline?

You must submit your application 30 days prior to the end of study date for your pre employment program. 

4. Where can I get more information about loans for students in pre-employment programs?

The Student Aid Worksheet Full-Time and Funding Guide to Complete the Application are two more resources that help students learn more about Alberta Student Aid funding as well as help them identify the information they will need to complete their application. Find them on the Alberta Student Aid website at:

You may also call the Alberta Student Aid Service Centre at:

Receiving Your Money

5. When will I get the results from my application?

Applications for Alberta student loans and grants for students in approved pre-employment programs are assessed and processed the same as all other applications from full-time post-secondary students.

If your application is complete and you do not have circumstances that require additional review, you may see the estimated amount of your student aid funding once you submit your online application.

If your application requires further review, Alberta Student Aid will contact you within four weeks. 

6. How much money can I get for my loan?

That really depends on the program you are taking, your personal and financial situation and many other factors, such as monthly living allowances and loan limits, as allowed by the Alberta Student Aid program. 

7. What do I do if my application is denied or if the amount is insufficient?

If you are dissatisfied with your application results, there is a streamlined process to address your concerns. This Request for Review process has three levels:

  • Level 1: Request for Reconsideration
  • Level 2: Request for Executive Review
  • Level 3: Request for Ministerial Review

This three-step process is intended to:

  • Resolve disputes in an efficient manner
  • Ensure consistency in decisions 
  • Address student concerns in a timely manner

You begin the review process at a Level 1: Request for Reconsideration. To learn more, visit:

8. How will I get my funds?

You will usually receive your loan and grant funding by direct deposit.

Repaying Your Loan

9. What happens if I withdraw from the pre-employment program?

If you withdraw from full-time studies within the first 30 days of your studies, any grant funding issued to you will be converted to loan – and will need to be paid back along with the rest of your student loan amount.

After you withdraw, your loans will remain interest free for a 6-month grace period. Once your 6-month grace period ends, your loan will go into repayment status and begin accumulating interest.

You can begin paying back your loans immediately after you withdraw – or you may wait to make your first payment once your grace period expires.

10. When do I have to start paying back the loan?

Six months after completion, your loan will go into repayment status and will begin accumulating interest. You will need to make arrangements to start making payments on your loan that are manageable for your financial situation. To do this, contact your loan providers:

For Alberta/provincial loans, contact: 

For Canada/federal loans: 

11. What happens when I have to start paying back the loan?

During your six-month interest free period, the Alberta Student Aid Service Centre will send you information regarding your loan (e.g. payment amount, payment due date, outstanding principal owing).

After your six-month interest free period is over – you will need to begin repaying and interest will start being added to your Alberta Student Loan. You must pay back the full amount of your loan plus all accumulated interest.

If you ever have difficulty repaying your loan, Alberta Student Aid has programs to help. For more information, see: