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FAQ - Loans for Pre-Employment

Learn more about how to apply and repaying your loan.

FAQ - Loans for

Funding Resources for Pre-Employment Programs

Students in pre-employment programs can apply for loans and grants through Alberta Student Aid. Pre-employment programs provide occupational/job readiness skills training to continue your career in an apprenticeship program and help you obtain employment. 


To be considered, you must be attending a specific institution that has pre-employment program(s) designated by the Minister. Pre-employment programs are certificate level programs lasting one year or less (no minimum program length). They must also be recognized for at least one period of technical training. 

You must also meet all of the basic eligibility criteria for full-time post-secondary students. Your application for student aid is processed following the same rules as all other post-secondary loan applications.

Students in approved pre-employment programs may qualify for provincial grants. Learn more about the Alberta Student Grant for Full-time Students at:

If you are taking a pre-employment program, you are only eligible for provincial/Alberta loan funding and grants. You cannot receive federal/Canada Student Loans.

How to Apply

Apply online through the Alberta Student Aid System on the Student Aid website. You will need to follow the same steps to apply as all other post-secondary students. To find out more about what you need to apply, visit:

When applying online in the Alberta Student Aid System, select the following:

  • Pre-Employment as your program
  • Your specific trade as the Program Specialization

You must submit your loan application 30 days prior to the end of study period.

Keeping Your Loans Interest-Free

Your Alberta student loan remains interest-free for the duration of your pre-employment program. You do not have to make any payments while you are studying. You may have to do a few things to keep your loans interest-free:

You will have a six month interest-free grace period before your loan begins accumulating interest. Following this six month grace period, your loan goes into repayment status and begins accumulating interest.

Repaying Your Loan

Alberta Student Aid allows flexible repayment terms. If you need help making your loan payments, there are repayment assistance options available to you:

For more information:

Contact the Alberta Student Aid Service Centre: