Loans for Apprentices

FAQ - Loans for Apprentices

Learn more about how to apply, eligibility and repaying your loan.

FAQ - Loans for Apprentices

Funding Resources for Apprentices

Registered Apprentices in Alberta can access the following funding options to support their training:

1. Government of Canada – Programs for Apprentices

You can inquire about federal government supports including the Canada Apprentice Loan. For more information visit the Government of Canada website at:

2. Alberta Student Aid Funding

Apprentices can apply for loans and grants through Alberta Student Aid. 


To be considered, you must be:

  • Registered as an apprentice with Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training (AIT)
  • Attending a designated technical training program in Alberta, including Weekly Apprenticeship Training (WATs) or Distance Delivery

You must also meet all of the basic eligibility criteria for Alberta post-secondary students:

Note: Currently, apprentices are not eligible for the Canada Student Loans Program.

To find out if your school/program is designated, visit:

How to Apply for Alberta Student Aid Funding

Apprentices in full-time technical training programs can apply online for loans and grants through the Alberta Student Aid System. To learn more:

When applying online in Alberta Student Aid System, please select the following:

  • Apprenticeship as your program
  • Your specific trade as the Program Specialization

Apprentices enrolled in technical training programs delivered via Weekly Apprenticeship Training (WATs) or Distance Delivery must complete and mail in the part-time application form.

There is one application form for part-time loans and grants — and you must submit your application 30 days prior to the end of study date:

Keeping Your Loans Interest-Free

As long as you are registered as an apprentice with Apprenticeship and Industry Training (AIT), you will remain in interest-free status on your current and previous Alberta student loans for the duration of your apprenticeship including technical training and on-the-job training.

If you are:

  • No longer registered as an apprentice
  • A non-progressing apprentice, or
  • Successful in obtaining your journeyman certificate

You will have a six month interest-free grace period before your Alberta student loan begins accumulating interest. Following this six-month grace period, your loan goes into repayment status and begins accumulating interest.

While on interest-free status, your automatic monthly loan payments from your bank account are put on hold. If you want to continue making Alberta student loan payments while you are an active apprentice, you can do so through your current Alberta student loan account by manually transferring a payment. For more information, contact the Alberta Student Aid Service Centre:

Repaying Your Loan

Alberta Student Aid allows flexible repayment terms. If you need help making your loan payments, there are repayment assistance options available to you:

For more information:

Contact the Alberta Student Aid Service Centre: