Lifetime Loan Limits

The lifetime loan limit is the amount of combined Alberta and Canada student loans you can have outstanding. This includes loans for your current program and any loans you received during other programs of study.

If you reach your Lifetime Loan Limit for Alberta student loans, you may still be eligible for Canada student loans. Students may still receive Canada student loan funding of up to $350 per week for subsequent periods of study after the Lifetime Loan Limits shown in the chart have been reached.

Program of Study Lifetime Loan Limit (CAD$)
Bachelor's Degree, Certificate, Diploma,
Journeyman Certificate
Dental Hygiene 85,000
Pharmacy, Graduate Studies  100,000
Law, Masters of Business Administration, Doctoral   125,000
Chiropractic Medicine, Dentistry, Medicine
Optometry, Veterinary Medicine


Exceptions to the Alberta Lifetime Loan Limits

When you have been denied additional loans because you have received the Lifetime Loan Limit, but you believe you fall under one of the following exceptions, you can submit a Request for Reconsideration. You will need to submit documentation that supports your circumstances.

  • You are in your final year of an undergraduate or graduate degree program, and you need additional loans to finish.
    You can only access this option once for each program.

  • You have paid back some of your student loans. We can contact your lenders to calculate how much you have paid, and adjust your loan balance.

  • You did not cash all of the loans you were approved for. We base your loan balance on the amount of loans you were approved for. If you did not cash all of your loans, we can recalculate your loan balance.

Canada Lifetime Loan Limits

Canada Student Loan Lifetime Limits are based on the total number of weeks of studies.

The standard lifetime loan limit is 340 weeks. This includes every week of study you received Canada Student Loans and grants, and includes any time you had interest-free status on your Canada Student Loans.

If you reach your Lifetime Loan Limit for Canada Student Loans, you may still be eligible for Alberta Student Loans.

Exceptions to the Canada Lifetime Loan Limit

  • If you are in a doctoral program, your lifetime maximum can be extended by 60 weeks, to a maximum of 400 weeks.
  • If you have a permanent disability, your lifetime maximum is 520 weeks.

Aviation Training Lifetime Loan Limits

Within the Lifetime Limit of $75,000 for undergraduate programs, $60,000 can be used for either:

  • Commercial Flight Training ($15,000 for each fixed wing training components), or
  • Commercial Helicopter Training

Part Time Lifetime Loan Limits

If you are a part-time student, you can have a balance of up to $10,000 of Canada Student Loan. But, if you repay some of the loans you can apply for more, up to the $10,000 limit again.