Education and Living Costs


Helping you cover basic learning and living costs.

When you apply, Student Aid uses your education and living costs to assess how much funding you can receive. There are limits to the amount of funding you can receive each year, and a limit to the amount you can receive in your lifetime.

Education Costs

Alberta Student Aid provides funding to cover your basic educational costs, including your tuition, mandatory fees, and any books and supplies. When you apply online, these costs are automatically included. If you are applying on paper, talk to your post-secondary institution to determine what costs and fees you are expected to pay.

Living Costs

When you apply, Alberta Student Aid will automatically assess your living costs using a standard monthly budget that helps us determine how much student aid you need. These amounts are based on meeting the basic costs of living in Alberta.

2018-19 Monthly Living Allowance:

  Household Status Monthly Total (CAN$)
No dependent children Single, not paying rent 562
Single, paying rent or mortgage 1,174
Married/Common Law without children 2,265
With dependent children Single parent with one child 2,073
Married/Common Law with one child 2,882
Each additional child 617

Separated/Divorced/Widowed with no dependants receive the same monthly living allowances as single students no dependants.

Dependants are children who are living with you and/or your spouse/partner for whom you are legally responsible, and also includes individuals who are wholly dependent on you as reported on your tax return.

Breakdown of Monthly Living Allowance

Monthly Living Allowance for a Single Student - no rent/mortgage:

Living Cost Amount (CAN$)
Accommodations (rent, mortgage, utilities) 0
Food 225
Miscellaneous (Personal & health care) 265
Local Public Transportation 72
Total 562

Monthly Living Allowance for a Single Student - with rent/mortgage:

Living Cost Amount (CAN$)
Accommodations (rent, mortgage, utilities) 483
Food 237
Miscellaneous (Personal & health care) 332
Local Public Transportation 72
Total 1,174

Request for Reconsideration of Higher Costs

If your costs are higher than the amounts in the tables above, you can submit a Request for Review. You may be eligible for additional funding. To learn more about submitting a Request for Reconsideration, go to:

Childcare Costs

Student Aid will consider childcare costs for dependents under the age of 12.

You may be eligible for:

  • up to $724 per month per child if you do not provide receipts.
  • up to $1,200 per month per child if you provide receipts.

Medical Coverage for Dependents

If you are a post-secondary student with dependents, you may be eligible for coverage of medical, optical, dental and ambulance services through the Alberta Child Health Benefits Program.