Students with Permanent Disabilities

Schedule 4

If you are a student with a permanent disability, complete a Schedule 4 form and provide your supporting medical documentation.

A permanent disability is a functional limitation caused by a physical or mental impairment that restricts the ability of a person to perform the daily activities necessary to participate in studies at the post-secondary level or in the labour force. The disability is expected to remain for the person’s expected natural life.

Before you apply, talk with a disability advisor/reviewer at your school. Explain your educational goals and ask what kind of supports may already be in place at your school. Alberta Student Aid recommends you apply two months before the start of your school year.

You may be eligible for:

  • Canada Student Grant for Students with Permanent Disabilities 
    • $4,000 per loan year to help meet your education and living costs

  • Canada Student Grant for Services and Equipment for Students with Permanent Disabilities
    • Up to $20,000 per loan year
  • Alberta Grant for Students with Disabilities 
    • Up to $3,000 per loan year 

Maximum funding for services and equipment:

  • Up to 9 months of study = $20,000
  • 10 - 12 months of study = $23,000

Applying for Student Aid

Full-time student? Apply online. If you cannot apply online call the Alberta Student Aid Service Centre.

Part-time student? Print the Part-time Application in the Resources section under Applications and Forms.

When you apply for the first time as a student with a permanent disability, you must submit a completed Schedule 4 form along with your supporting medical documentation. You can find the form in the Resources section:

You can use Electronic Document Upload to submit your form/documents. Use eDocument Upload (eDoc Upload) after you log in and access your personal online account.

Or mail your form/documents to:

Alberta Student Aid
Disability Unit
PO Box 28000 Station Main
Edmonton AB  T5J 4R4

Once you are approved for funding as a student with a permanent disability, you are automatically considered for the Canada Student Grant for Students with Permanent Disabilities in your future applications. You are not required to submit another Schedule 4.

However, you must submit a new Schedule 4 in each of the following situations:

  • study period/session you request a grant for assistive services and equipment, and/or
  • studying at a reduced course load (40-59%).

Documentation Required with Your Schedule 4

Proof of Your Permanent Disability
Medical documents identifying your permanent disability and how it restricts your ability to participate in post-secondary studies must be submitted with your first Schedule 4. 

The documents may include:

  • copies of a medical letter
  • a learning assessment
  • a document proving you are in receipt of federal and/or provincial disability assistance, for example, Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH)

Learning Assessment Fee 
The Canada Student Grants program covers a portion of the cost of a Learning Assessment (a maximum of $1,700 per loan year) if the assessment confirms you have a learning disability. You must pay for the assessment up front and you will be reimbursed later. The assessment may be dated no earlier than six months before you start your studies. A receipt demonstrating you paid for this service is required.

Tutoring Services

If you request funding for tutors, they must have specific knowledge/expertise in the courses they are tutoring. The following examples are not eligible:

  • tutoring from another student taking the same course
  • a person including family member/friend who has little/no background in the subject matter

Reporting Assistive Services and Equipment Costs
If you request funding for assistive services and technology or equipment, you must provide an estimate of your costs. New estimates are required each additional time you request funding.

Electronic Document Upload

If you are required to submit documentation, select the Upload eDocuments option (eDoc Upload) after you log in or access to your personal online account.

Signing Your Schedule 4

The disability advisor/reviewer at your school may be authorized to sign your Schedule 4. Check with an advisor/reviewer for assistance and further instructions. Where it’s not possible to meet with a disability advisor/reviewer, you may attach all of your required documentation to your Schedule 4 and mail your documents to: 

Alberta Student Aid
Disability Unit
PO Box 28000 Station Main
Edmonton AB  T5J 4R4

Assistive Services and Equipment

If you receive funding towards assistive services and equipment, Alberta Student Aid will mail you information about the amount of your grant and its purpose. You must submit receipts for your purchases of assistive services and equipment before the end of your current study period showing the funds received were used as intended. Remember to write your name and Social Insurance Number (SIN) on each receipt. A Reconciliation Worksheet to help you track and reconcile your receipts is available at:

Any unused funds must be returned to Alberta Student Aid. Mail your cheque or money order payable to the Government of Alberta along with your receipts to:

Alberta Student Aid
Disability Grants
PO Box 28000 Station Main
Edmonton AB  T5J 4R4