Level 1: Request for Reconsideration

A Level 1: Request for Reconsideration applies in the following situations:

  • Your application has been refused.
  • Your application has been reassessed by Alberta Student Aid during the school term.
  • Your academic, family or personal situation has changed.
  • Your expenses and/or educational costs have changed.
  • You have received less financial assistance then requested to cover allowable expenses for the study period.
  • You believe your application requires reconsideration for another reason.

Submitting a Level 1: Request for Reconsideration does not guarantee extra funding will be approved.

If your Student Award Letter indicates that you have received the maximum amount of loans, review the loan limits policy here:

Request for Review decisions are based on policy and legislation. If you believe your circumstances are unique and warrant special consideration, include an explanation and supporting documentation in your request. The loan limits policy explains situations that may result in higher loan limits.

You will usually be notified in writing within 30 days of receipt of the Level 1: Request for Reconsideration. Your Request for Reconsideration may take longer to complete if more information is required.

For an update on the status of your review, login to your account:

Or call:

To submit a Level 1: Request for Reconsideration

Choose ONLY ONE of the following 2 options. Submitting a duplicate request will cause a delay.

Option 1 - Submit Online

1. To begin, log in to your account to submit a Level 1: Request for Reconsideration: 

2. Choose the Request for Review feature.

3. Select your reason for submitting a request. As you complete the online form, the system will tell you if you need to submit additional documentation to support your request.

The documentation required depends on your circumstance(s):

If you cannot submit the Request for Reconsideration online, you can request a printable form at: 

Option 2 - Phone:

If your request does not require documentation, you can call the Alberta Student Aid Service Centre. Situations that require documentation and cannot be requested over the phone are:

  • Proof of exceptional expenses (e.g. rent receipts, utility bills, childcare statements, etc.)
  • Name Change (e.g., marriage certificate, government issued ID, etc.)
  • Switching programs
  • Any other situations where Alberta Student Aid requests documentation

Forms and supporting documentation:

  • Aviation Training Form
  • Schedule 3 Concurrent Enrolment/Exchange-Field Study Programs) form and supporting documentation
  • Schedule 4 (Post-Secondary Students with Permanent Disabilities) form and supporting documentation

Available in:


Alberta Student Aid must receive your submission at least 30 days prior to your end of study date, as provided on your application form.

In some cases, your request may need to be escalated to a Level 2: Executive Review, if the Request involves a change to policy.

If your Level 1: Request for Reconsideration is escalated in this way, you will be advised in writing.