Scholarship and Award Program Updates

Alexander Rutherford High School Achievement Scholarship

Eligibility Criteria Updates

    • Extra clarification has been added regarding the Alberta residency requirement. The applicant or the applicant’s parents or legal guardian must have resided in Alberta at least 12 consecutive months prior to commencing post-secondary studies.
    • Option and Career and Technology Studies (CTS) courses may be considered for eligibility.
    • Applicants are now advised that in order to be eligible for the award, they must have completed all high school courses before starting post-secondary studies.
    • Applicants must be enrolled in, or have completed, 60% of a full course load in a post-secondary or an apprenticeship program of at least one semester in length. 
    • A note has been added informing students that they will only be awarded this scholarship once.


Application Procedure Updates

    • Students “are encouraged to apply when their final high school marks are available and they are enrolled in full-time post-secondary studies between August 1, 2017 and July 31, 2018.” 
    • Clarification has been added to let applicants know they will be notified “once final high school marks are available.”
    • Students are also advised that they will only need an official high school transcript if they attended high school outside of Alberta, and that upgrading grades achieved at a post-secondary school are not accepted. 
    • We have removed the section that states: “In the event of mark change, students must submit a revised Alberta Transcript of High School Achievement or Detailed Academic Report.” 
    • Students who need to report a change can do so by sending a letter to Alberta Student Aid indicating they are appealing their grade, the mark change, and the course. 


Course Requirements

The Career and Technology Studies Courses (CTS) section has been updated for clarity. Students are now advised that courses listed in the ”Coursework in Alberta Accredited Schools” section and the ”Private Music Study” section of an official Alberta transcript are acceptable, excluding Driver’s Education. 


    • The residency question has been rewritten for clarity. 
      • Online Application - If the student indicates that they have not lived in Alberta their whole life, they will be able to provide an explanation and Alberta Student Aid will link to the Scholarship Residency Resume. 
      • PDF Application - The new wording on the application if the student answers no is “did you or one of your parents or legal guardian live in Alberta for at least 12 consecutive months immediately prior to commencing post-secondary studies.”

    • If a student has received a Rutherford scholarship or has an application pending, they will now see a message on the welcome screen indicating that they “cannot apply as you have already submitted an application or have received an Alexander Rutherford Scholarship,” and they will not see the hyperlink to submit the application.

    • A new web page has been added to the Scholarships section called “Applications and Forms,” and the Rutherford application has been moved here.

    • A new Scholarship Residency Resume form has been developed and has been added to the Scholarship section “Applications and Forms” web page.

    • When students are asked to complete a Scholarship Residency Resume, the link will take them to this new page in the Scholarships section:
    • Students who would like to submit a change to their scholarship or award application information can do so using the Request for Review process.  Note that this is only for paper applications, not the online RFR, and there are no actual changes to the RFR forms that are specific to scholarships and awards.