Full-Time Application Updates

Access to the Online Application

All first-time applicants who apply online will now have access to their online digital inbox correspondence, including MSFAAs.  They will be able to upload electronic documents and update their notification preferences when they login to their account. 

First time applicants who apply with a paper/PDF application will have to receive their Alberta Student Aid correspondence by mail, and will not be able to log in to their account until they submit their MSFAAs to the loan service provider. Once the loan service provider has approved their MSFAAs, students can use an MSFAA number to validate their identity for the purpose of getting full access to their online account.

Changes to the Full-Time Application

The application will no longer ask how many months the applicant was a full-time student before starting the school term (pre-study period). Previously, this information was used to determine federal student contribution, but is no longer required.

Personal Information – New section at the top of page 2 of the full-time application

    • A new question asks students if they are a current or former Ward of the Crown, along with a brief description indicating what that means.  
    • The Indigenous status question has been moved from the bottom of the first page to the new section and has been reworded:

“If you wish to declare your Canadian Indigenous heritage as indicated under Section 35 of the Constitution Act, 1982” (formerly, “If you wish to declare your Indigenous heritage”).

Providing this information is optional; however, students who declare indigenous status, or who are/were a Ward of the Crown are exempt from the federal student contribution.

Full Time Studies Information

Start and End dates now inform students that they must include their final exam dates. This ensures that students will receive an accurate funding assessment on their application. 

Costs & Resources

Due to changes in the federal assessment, the following changes have been made to the Full-Time Application: 

    • Wages, salary (removed from application, no longer used)
    • Assistantships (removed from application, no longer used)
    • Stipends (removed from application, no longer used) 
    • RRSP (removed from application, no longer used) 
    • Savings (removed from application, no longer used) 
    • Employment Insurance (not used in assessment- reporting purposes only)

Federal and Provincial Assessment Changes

A new question appears in the “Other Resources Available” section: 

“Annual resources targeted to education costs (ex. gifts or financial contributions from individuals other than parents).”

Students should not include savings, RRSPs, lines of credit, or any other resources that are either exempt, or listed in other areas of the application.  

Schedule 2 for Spouse/Partner Information 2017-2018

Applicants will no longer need to list their spouse/partner’s employment status, or the date that their spouse/partner completed/last attended high school. Additionally, the “Unemployed with Income” and the “Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada/Band Funds” questions have been removed, as these are no longer required for the application assessment. 

Schedule 4 for Post-Secondary Students with Permanent Disabilities

The term “Disability Advisor” has been replaced with “Disability Advisor/Reviewer.”  This will make it clear to both students and school staff that the reviewer of the Schedule 4 does not need to be a Disability Advisor.

The authorization code has been removed from the Schedule 4 as Disability Advisors at schools will no longer be issued an authorization code. Previously, school staff required an Authorization Code issued by Alberta Student Aid before they were able to review a Schedule 4.