2017-18 Program Updates

SIN Validation

When you apply, Student Aid will verify your Social Insurance Number, name, gender, and date of birth with the National SIN Registry.

Full-Time Application Changes

  • Warning message will appear in the online application if your costs are higher than the loan limit.
  • Eligibility for Canada Student Grants will not be reassessed if a Request for Review is submitted.
  • No longer required to provide documentation of rent or mortgage costs. Standard living allowances are used to calculate eligibility.
  • Canada student loan expected contribution and spousal contribution assessments will be calculated using Line 150 and family size.
  • Allowable childcare cost is no longer impacted by the employment status of the spouse or common-law partner.

New Questions/Fields:

  • Are you a current or former Ward of the Crown?
  • Annual resources targeted to education costs (ex: gifts or financial contributions from individuals other than parents).

Questions/Fields Removed:

  • Wages, salary (removed from application, no longer used)
  • Assistantships (removed from application, no longer used)
  • Stipends (removed from application, no longer used) 
  • RRSP (removed from application, no longer used) 
  • Savings (removed from application, no longer used) 
  • Employment Insurance (not used in assessment- reporting purposes only)
  • Spouse/Partner’s employment status
  • Date spouse/partner completed /last attended high school.
  • Is your spouse/partner Unemployed with Income
  • Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada/Band Funds

Rutherford Scholarship Application Changes

  • Options and Career and Technology Studies (CTS) courses may be considered for eligibility.
  • Report a change in your final high school marks by sending a letter to Alberta Student Aid, including the course name and your new grade.