2016-17 Program Changes

Funding Changes

  • Increased monthly living allowances to help students meet the basic costs of learning and living. Increased federal low-income and middle-income thresholds.
  • The thresholds are used to calculate student eligibility for Canada Student Grants, the Alberta Low-Income Grant and part-time funding.
  • Increased Canada Student Grants for Students from Low-Income Families (now $375 per month) and for Students from Middle-Income Families (now $150 per month).
  • The provincial minimum student contribution of $1,500 will not be applied to students who identify on their application they are in receipt of Income Support while in school.
  • Students who are ‘Protected Persons’ must document that their Social Insurance Number (SIN) is valid at the start of their current study period. Previously, students were required to provide proof that their SIN was valid for their entire study period.
  • Students attending a study period longer than six months will receive approximately 50% of their grant and loan funding at the start of their study period, and 50% at the midway point. Previously 60% of a student’s total award was awarded at the start of their studies, and 40% at the midway point.

Student Loans and Grants Funding Guide – Formerly Quick Tips

  • The Student Loans and Grants Funding Guide (Funding Guide) is the new name of Quick Tips. The renamed guide has the same content as the former Quick Tips. The Funding Guide to Complete the 2016-17 Application and the Full-Time Application Worksheet are two resources that will help students learn more about Student Aid Alberta funding as well as help them identify the information they will need to complete their application.

Rutherford Scholarship Changes

The Alexander Rutherford High School Achievement Scholarship no longer prompts for the ‘card issue date’ if a student identifies as a permanent resident. Students no longer have to provide a front/back photocopy of their permanent resident card. Students who are permanent residents at the time of their application will be considered for the award and all three qualifying years (Grade 10, Grade 11, and Grade 12) are eligible for assessment.

Note: To receive the award for each qualifying year, applicants are still required to be a resident of Alberta during that time. A student’s parent(s) or legal guardian residency will be used to calculate eligibility for each qualifying year.