Keeping Your Loans Interest-Free

calculatorArrows orange Your loan is interest and payment free while you're in school.

Depending on your situation, you may need to take some steps to keep your loans interest-free.  More information is available in our Getting Ready to Repay section. 

Here's how you keep your loans in interest-free status:

Arrows light blue1  If you are studying full-time and receiving student aid

Once you receive Alberta and Canada student loans for your current school year, any student loans you received previously are automatically interest-free.

Arrows light blue1  If you are studying full-time and not receiving student aid

If you have previous student loans, and are not receiving student aid this year, you'll want to let the Student Aid Alberta Service Centre and the National Student Loans Service Centre know so your loans can remain interest-free with no payments required.

Arrows text orange Complete the Confirmation of Registration (Form B) if you only have a previous Alberta student loan, or previous Canada and Alberta student loans.
Arrows text orange Use the NSLSC's Online Services to submit a Confirmation of Enrolment request online, or complete
a Confirmation of Enrolment form (Schedule 2) if you only have a previous Canada student loan.

Arrows light blue1  If you are:

Arrows text orange Studying part-time?  Complete the Confirmation of Registration (Form B) to keep your Alberta student loans interest-free.

Arrows text orange You can use the NSLSC's Online Services to submit a Confirmation of Enrolment request to keep your part-time Canada student loans interest free, or see Schedule 2.

Arrows text orange Planning to take a break from your studies for parental leave? Complete the parental leave form to apply for interest-free status on your Alberta student loans.

Arrows text orange Getting ready to start your medical residency? Read more about interest-free Alberta student loans for medical residents, or download the Confirmation of Registration (Form B) to keep your Alberta student loans interest-free.

Arrows text orange A Canadian Forces Reservist who needs to take a break from full-time studies to serve? Learn more about how you may be able to keep your loans in interest-free status.

Arrows text orange If your student loans were issued before August 1, 2000, contact the bank that holds your student loan for more information.

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