Tour Student Aid Alberta's Online Loan Services

See what students can do online to help them easily manage their student loans.

Step 1: Go to Student Aid Alberta Service Centre's Online Services

Navigate to our online loan services web page:

Step 2: Navigate to the Left-hand Menu

Although you may not be an existing user, you must choose this user option in order to access the system:

Click on:  Existing User? Login Now

And, a login menu will open prompting you for the information found below in Step 3.

Step 3: Enter Your Visitor ID

You must enter the following information:

Choose the borrower status you'd like to view from the list below and enter a corresponding User ID:


User ID:

In Study InStudy1 
In Grace Period InGrace2
In Repayment InRepayment3
Delinquent  Delinquent4

Then, enter your visitor password:  Test1234

Have questions about Alberta student loans? Contact the Student Aid Alberta Service Centre.