Use Loyalty Program points to make payments on your Alberta student loans! 

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Students and graduates can convert loyalty points through HigherEdPoints in $250 increments to make tuition payments or to pay back student loans. Parents, relatives and friends can also use their loyalty program points to help students pay back their loans.

I found out about HEP through an email from Alberta Student Loans. I thought it was a brilliant idea - and a big thank you, HigherEDPoints, for putting together such a great concept!

I don't have the time to work another part-time job to help pay off my loans faster since I am quite busy with my current employment and I volunteer for a youth organization. But I travel frequently for my work and I manage the youth program for about 50 youths and 10 staff and I cover all the expenses upfront. With all of this, I average around 150,000 Aeroplan points yearly! I've been donating them, but now your program will make a huge impact on paying off my student loans!

                                                                                                - Charles, Post-Secondary Graduate, Alberta

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