Being Accountable to Albertans

As a government funded program, we regularly conduct audits of applications for Student Aid Alberta to ensure we are accountable to all Albertans. In some circumstances applications may be subject to an investigation.  It's a good idea to keep all of your documentation related to your costs and resources on hand, in case you are asked to provide more information.

Your funding amount is calculated to help you meet the basic costs of learning and living, so it's important for you to tell us about any major changes to your life such as getting married, moving, getting a new job, or changing your education program.

What happens if my application is audited?

You will be contacted by Student Aid Alberta to clarify the application information you provided.  If differences are found to exist with the information you provided on your application, your student aid amounts may be re-assessed.

Can I appeal my audit results?

Appeals can be made in writing to Student Aid Alberta within 90 days of the audit decision (based on the date listed on the first notification letter you receive). We ask that you provide your reason for the appeal in your letter and attach any supporting documentation.

More information about audit appeal guidelines is available here.  Or contact our Program Compliance and Investigations branch at (780)  427-5560