What You Contribute

Arrows orange  Investing in your future

piggy-bankMost students use a range of different financial resources to fund their post-secondary education - such as family support, scholarships, earnings, and government student aid.  When you apply, let us know what money you have, and what you expect to get throughout the year. This information helps us determine your eligibility for student aid.  Quick Tips helps explain exactly what you will be asked to provide, and why.

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Arrows light blue1  Your Contribution

Post-secondary students are encouraged to invest in their education.  Student Aid Alberta expects you to provide a contribution of $1,500, unless you are a single parent.  This amount will automatically be assessed as part of your application.

The amount the Canada Student Loans Program expects you to contribute depends on your income before you start your post-secondary studies, as well as any savings or RRSPs you have.  Part-time earnings you expect to receive during your studies are also factored in.  Provide as much information as you can on your application.  Not sure of exact amounts?  Provide us with estimates. 

Arrows light blue1  Your Parents' Contribution

Beginning this year, parental contributions are not used to calculate your eligibility for Student Aid Alberta.  If your parents voluntarily provide you with financial support, let us know on your application.

Parent contributions are required by the Canada Student Loans Program if you are a single, full-time, dependent student. Contributions are based on your parents' income and family size. The Canada Student Loans Program offers a Parental Contribution Calculator to help you estimate the amount of money your parents are expected to provide.

Your parents may have prepared for your post-secondary education by saving money in a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP), Canada Scholarship Trust Fund, or Alberta Centennial Education Savings Plan.  Be sure to let us know on your application if you will be receiving any money through an RESP or trust fund.  

Arrows light blue1  Your Spouse's Contribution

If you are married, your spouse is expected to contribute financially towards your post-secondary education.  You will be asked to provide details about your household income on your application.